the first post..


I’ve been trying to figure out what to post first; it’s never easy when you have to contend with so many other blogs and profiles that will inevitably be a lot more interesting than mine.

So I ask myself, “what’s the aim?”…  As the ‘about me’ section states, this is a bit of a creative space for myself; now you could say “well why do you need to create a wordpress broadcasting all of your boring crap?”, and I’ll say it’s probably because I actually think I might want to be a portrait photographer (don’t worry, this internal/fictitious public dialogue will stop now).

I was walking through Berlin and noticed a small photography business in the corner of a department store; nothing out of the ordinary, just the standard setup with clean walls and lighting, a table of props and an iMac.  As I stood there watching, I couldn’t help but notice how many people were waiting, and more importantly how happy and confident they looked.  It’s amazing how such a simple idea creates so much attraction.

Ever since I got back from that trip, I couldn’t stop banging on about having an idea or doing something in my spare time.  This is where my mum steps in (yep, that’s her in the picture above), being the creative/arty type that she is, she’s a constant reminder of why I feel like I’m a jack of all trades.  I seem to have inherited a creative nature from my mum, but have gone down a road that is fairly technical; more often than not it’s an awful place to be, constantly being told even by friends and loved ones that “you can’t do this” or “you can’t do that” because you haven’t studied that ‘thing’ or you haven’t got experience in this ‘thing’.  However I like to think my mum (and you too dad because I know you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned you yet) is a symbol of why you shouldn’t listen too much to those types of comments (I won’t go into their experiences because this blog isn’t about them…), and because of that I’ve finally got off the pot and started doing something about it.

I also need to credit my mate a little bit too for constantly reminding me that we need to have a passion, or at least pursue our passions more seriously outside of work (yes, I know Harris, we seriously need to start discussing what the joint project is going to be..).

So my thinking is that through showcasing some ideas through this, I’ll get the ball rolling into what will hopefully result in a mobile studio that visits all sorts of events, using you guys to create some interesting portraits.

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