a couple of ‘shout outs’; KALA Art and Bread Club

Having unintentionally guilt-tripped my mum for not picking up a drawing medium in a while (see this post), she’s decided to jump on the ‘zentangle’ art scene that seems to be emerging.  Check out her start up shop over at http://kalaart.bigcartel.com/; feel free to let her know what you think and show her some love.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 16.26.56

I’ve also potentially convinced her to design tattoos and all sorts of stuff that many people have suggested; if there is anything that you’d like specially commissioned, I’m sure she’d consider it.



The second ‘shout-out’ is for my friends’ website under the name of Bread Club.  These guys are curating some badass vintage threads and giving you lot a chance to get your hands on them.  You can find their stuff at http://breadclub.bigcartel.com/.  Looking forward to a future collaboration (hint hint…).

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 16.27.34


P.S. I haven’t gone quiet on the deep fotografie front; I’ve got a couple of things planned and will be uploading some stuff soon (hold tight!).